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Wells has served the automotive industry almost as long as there’s been an automotive industry. From small beginnings we’ve evolved to become a full-line manufacturer of the many electromechanical and electronic devices needed in modern vehicles. Today we help manufacturers in a diverse range of engine-related sectors deliver the power, reliability and performance their customers expect.

Our History

When Henry Ford was pioneering mass production with the Model T, he needed ignition coils. That’s when Wisconsin entrepreneur, Robert Wells, stepped in. Based in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA, Wells established a business to meet the needs of the fast-growing automobile industry for electrical components. 

Today, as a division of Wells Vehicle Electronics, Wells Engineered Products, helps manufacturers of premium vehicles, power generation and industrial equipment throughout North America manage their growing electronics needs based on the complexity of the modern vehicle.

Who We Are & What We Do

Wells Engineered Products serves the businesses that build engines. Automotive manufacturers and their Tier 1 suppliers are major markets, but you’ll find our products in many smaller sectors too. Powersports, motorcycles, marine and heavy-duty applications all utilize the electronic devices, assemblies and products we design and manufacture.

Headquarters and engineering activities are based in Fond du Lac, WI, as they have been since our founding. This keeps us close to many of our major customers and the lines of communication short. It helps underpin the rapid and effective communication we thrive on when developing customized solutions to meet new challenges and applications.

Manufacturing remains in Fond du Lac, but is supplemented by our facility in Reynosa, Mexico. We invest heavily in advanced manufacturing technologies, and our factories are intensively automated for high-quality, low-cost production. IATF 16949 and ISO 17025 certifications speak to our focus on consistency and dependability.

Customization is at our Core

If there was a time when standard products met automotive needs, it’s long-gone. Today’s OEMs and Tier 1s operate in a hyper-competitive environment focused on quality, cost and differentiated performance. That’s why customization is central to how we operate.

Every need and application has different goals and challenges, so our development process starts by listening. Only when we really understand what’s needed can we begin to develop a solution. Then as work progresses, our customers stay involved throughout, contributing and guiding the process to ensure the end product provides the fit, function and performance expected.

Our Capabilities

Developing industry-leading products requires industry-leading resources. Our engineering teams are supported with advanced simulation and modeling tools that deliver deep insight into product performance, even before prototypes are made. Extensive testing subjects pre-production samples to the most extreme conditions, before thorough validation processes confirm the product is launch-ready.

In manufacturing, we focus on maintaining the high-quality standards our customers expect. To minimize variability, we’ve deployed technologies like robotics and vision systems to deliver consistent, predictable results.


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