Wells Engineered Products


Wherever you find hard-working engines, you’ll find Wells Engineered Products.

Our products are hard at work wherever engines are used. While we’re known for our work in the automotive market, Wells Engineered Products components are used in the engines in a wide range of industries. These include:

  • Heavy-duty
  • Marine
  • Off-road
  • Motorcycle
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Agriculture


Big engines, diesels, heat, vibration, shock loads, long periods at idle and extreme cold. Heavy-duty environments are hard on engines and their components, yet reliability is paramount. We engineer to suit.


Out on the water, whether it’s a lake or an ocean, reliability must come first. Found in almost every kind of powered watercraft, our products are engineered to handle vibration, humidity and moisture. They won’t let you down.


Recreational vehicles are intended for dirty, dusty, wet and muddy conditions, and so are the Wells Engineered Product components they incorporate. When you need electronics that can handle the roughest terrain and most challenging environment, talk to us.


Motorcycles pose a host of challenges for engine electronics. Space is tight, there’s usually high heat, and vibration is a given. Customized versions of our ignition coils, voltage regulators, sensors and other components are exactly what’s needed.


Engines are used in many different industrial applications, often for back up or remote power generation. They may stand idle for days or weeks yet must spring into life the moment they’re needed. Why rely on electronic components from anywhere other than Wells Engineered Products?


Trucks keep North America and the world moving, and Wells Engineered Products play a vital part. You’ll find our products under the hood in a wide range of commercial vehicle applications.


Farmers rely on their machinery to bring us the food we eat, and their machinery often relies on products made by Wells Engineered Products. We serve the agricultural sector with robust electrical and electronic components, engineered to give many years of dependable performance.

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