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Unmatched reliability.

Our expertise and product portfolio ranges from delivering high voltage for ignition to controlling motors and sensing every kind of operating condition or parameter.

Whether you need to measure oil pressure, track crankshaft rotation, quantify airflow or monitor any other aspect of engine operation, we have a solution to suit your particular needs. We don’t just make engines run cleanly, efficiently and reliably, we make them run – period!

Because our product portfolio is so large and diverse, we’ve broken it into the following seven solution categories:


When an off-the-shelf solution won't work, we can engineer exactly what the application needs.

Ignition Coils

Secondary voltage and duration, primary dwell time, whatever the challenge, we can build coils that create the energy you need.

Voltage Regulators

Developing solutions to the most complex charging system problems.


Fluid velocities, temperatures, pressures, mechanical position, speed and acceleration. When there's something to be measured, we have a sensor for it.

Pressure Switches

Protecting hydraulic and fluid systems against under and over-pressure conditions, our switches are small and precise with low hysteresis.

Power Electronics

When a device or system draws more than 20W it needs power management components fit for the purpose. We can provide the solutions you need.

Rotary Position Sensors

Patented breakthrough technology for electric motor control that is an alternative to bulky, expensive VR resolvers.

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