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Voltage regulators have come a long way from the early electromechanical devices. Today’s regulator is a complex amalgam of solid-state electronics, hybrid thick-film circuitry and mechanical packaging. Our regulators are built around proprietary ASIC control circuitry to provide the most features and functions in the smallest, highest reliability package. Our regulators meet the most demanding load requirements as well as environmental requirements.

We engineer our voltage regulators for durability, longevity and stable, trouble-free operation. Long before the physical prototype comes into being our engineering team creates designs that undergo rigorous evaluations. Using advanced simulation and modeling tools we assess heat flows and performance under a wider set of conditions than any regulator is likely to see in service. Only when confidence is high in the selected design does prototype manufacture and testing begin.

Our voltage regulators are manufactured in our highly automated Fond du Lac, WI facility. Here, robots, vision systems and other state-of-the-art equipment combine to eliminate the variability that causes quality problems and premature failure in service. When you chose to incorporate a Wells Engineered Products voltage regulator into your charging system you demonstrate your commitment to delivering a high-quality, highly reliable product. Why trust your reputation to anything else?

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