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A pressure switch warns about low, or depending on design and function, high pressure. It’s a device the driver or operator must be able to trust. False, erratic or incorrect warnings can lead to unnecessary repairs, or worse, damaging problems being ignored. Both reflect poorly on the engine manufacturer and may incur warranty claims. That’s why it’s essential you use only proven, high-quality devices.

Our product catalog details many variants of pressure switch, but we understand the importance of optimizing design and performance for a specific application. That’s why at Wells Engineered Products we’re always happy to talk about customization. Almost every aspect of the design of our pressure switches can be tailored to suit the needs of our customers. From thread type and diameter to length, electrical connections, maximum temperature and packaging, it’s all open to discussion.

The pressure switch is small, but it performs a vital function. Don’t trust your reputation to unpredictable or inferior product: talk to us about a quality switch customized to your specific requirements.

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