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With vehicle electronics becoming ever more power-hungry, there’s never been more need for effective power management solutions. Thermal management, package size, EMI shielding and protection against vibration all challenge the engineer struggling to meet demanding performance goals. That’s why it pays to talk to Wells Engineered Products.

Our engineering teams have deep expertise in every aspect of power electronics, and the resources to help them deliver world-class solutions. Analog and digital electrical circuit simulation, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and thermal modeling and analysis are just some of the tools at their disposal. Working together, they provide customized solutions to solve even the most complex vehicle electronics challenges.

Engineers at Wells don’t operate in a vacuum. Supported by sophisticated test capabilities and ISO 17025 certified validation laboratories, they create robust solutions to customer problems. Our insights flow readily through our highly automated manufacturing facilities, ensuring quality, consistency and reliability.

Customization is core to the solutions we provide. One size doesn’t fit all; every application has unique features and requirements. Bring us a power electronics challenge and we’ll start by pulling what works from the shelf and tailoring it to suit. It’s a fast, low-risk approach. But when your problem needs something new, we have the expertise and resources to create exactly what’s required.

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