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Emissions, power, performance: modern engines depend on sensors for all three. Our sensors feed accurate, repeatable signals to the ECU or wherever the data is needed. Our testing and validation processes ensure reliable operation in whatever environment your engine or vehicle might encounter. When space is tight or special connections are needed, ask us about customizing sensors to suit your application.



Fluids exert pressure, our sensors measure and report it. Whether in the intake, exhaust, cooling, lubrication or fuel system, we can offer you precise and reliable sensors engineered for your specific application. These include:

  • Oil/Water
  • Fuel/Vapor


Measurement is a prerequisite for control, and our speed sensors give you the data you need. Engineered for installation in tight spaces, where temperatures are high and where there’s dust, dirt and moisture, these just keep working. Applications include:

  • ABS/Wheel Speed
  • Transmission
  • Vehicle Speed


A key parameter for clean combustion and efficient operation, the engine management system needs reliable temperature measurements. Our temperature sensors meet this challenge and go beyond, enduring years in hot, cold, dusty and dirty conditions. And if sensor space is tight, ask about customization. Applications include:

  • Air
  • Oil
  • Coolant

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