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More than just a transformer, the ignition coil is responsible for combustion. Meeting targets for emissions and power starts with getting the optimal arc, and that’s where Wells Engineered Products ignition coils excel.

Coil development begins by listening to and understanding the customer’s application goals. Energy output, arc duration and dwell time are just a few of the parameters taken into account. There’s also packaging for tight spaces, environmental factors like heat, humidity and vibration and above all, reliability, to consider.

block coil

Using advanced simulation and modeling tools, our engineering teams develop and evaluate scores of alternatives before homing-in on the optimal design. They consider which materials to use, the layout of internal components, manufacturing feasibility and quality requirements. Prototypes are produced for extensive testing as well as fit-and-finish evaluations. That leads into design validation in our ISO 17025 certified laboratories. Only when performance and durability is put through testing can production begin.

We manufacture ignition coils in our highly automated factory in Reynosa, Mexico. Here robots, vision systems and other state-of-the-art equipment eliminate variation and mistakes. Only through investments like these, combined with intense focus on process control, can we maintain the exceptional quality we demand.

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